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Moments of Growth

Original art depicting tree, fruit, winding road, community, transformation, in grays, blues, golds.
Artwork by Lucy Sherston
Becoming isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn't end." — Michelle Obama

From our Podcast

In an earlier newsletter, I wrote about how sticky ah-ha moments can be. You know about ah-ha moments, those moments that make us see the world differently. Sometimes ah-ha moments come as part of structured learning, but many times they catch us completely unaware. Regardless, we are never the same after. I had someone tell me recently that once you have one of these ah-ha moments, a moment you truly see something differently, you can never unsee it.

Part of our work to make our communities more inclusive and equitable is what we've talked about many times. It is the practice of Self Work. It is our practice of waking up, opening up, listening up, speaking up, and stepping up. It is our own journey to travel, but we do so in the company of our family, neighbors, and friends.

In interviews with six of my guests, I asked them about a moment they grew on their own journey toward equity and inclusion. I've featured their answers in two podcast episodes, titled Moments of Growth.

For some of my guests, it was about facing how others saw them and learning to value themselves. For others, it was about being confronted with a lack of awareness or naïveté that caught them unaware. For another, it was about recognizing and owning her privilege.

What about your moments of growth?

What is a moment you grew in your own personal journey of equity and inclusion, and how did it change you?
In what ways are you intentionally challenging yourself or placing yourself in situations to continue your personal growth toward equity and inclusion?

Additional Resources

We know that many of our current issues of inequity and segregation stem from past policies, practices, and investments by the Federal and State Governments. We are embarking on a new era of infrastructure spending. Decisions are being made on these investments that we will live with for the coming decades. So how are we doing this time? Are we making more equitable and inclusive decisions?

The Urban Institute asked the question: Is Federal Infrastructure Spending Advancing Racial and Economic Equity? They didn't just ask the question, but they did what they do best and provided us with research, insights, and an interactive tool to help us all try to answer this critical question.

We're At It Again - Another Book Giveaway Alert!

Image of my neighborhood Little Free Library full of State of Inclusion Bookstore books.

At The Inclusive Community, we see books as powerful learning tools that help us on our journey toward equity and inclusion. 

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Ame Sanders
Founder of State of Inclusion. A seasoned leader & change-maker, she is focused on positive change within communities.
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